Panel Due not showing P9 probe

  • Hi, I just finished installing a BL Touch. Everything work fine but panel due keeps showing P0 as probe, which was what I had configured before.
    The thing is that when I first try the parameters, the screen reflected the changes and P9 was on screen. After that I reflashed the firmware with the no-logo version and now it doesn’t change. I don’t know if it is a bug or I changed something in config.g and I can’t find it. But the probe works fine and today I run the mesh level and it worked perfectly.

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    The P0 means the Z probe reading is 0, not that the probe type is 0. It will rise to 1000 when the probe is triggered, but possibly too briefly to see.

  • Thanks David! I thought I misconfigured something on my config.g thanks for clarifying!

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