Pt1000 Help

  • So I'm a bit stumped and would appreciate some help.

    I attached a pt1000 sensor for my extruder to my duet ethernet & used M305 P1 X501 R4700.

    My sensor is saying that the ambient tempt of my hot end is 150C... which is not right.

    The only thing that got it to run temp was M305 P1 X501 R4700 T1098 but I tried turning the heater on and the temperature started dropping... so that's not right.

    What should I try next?

  • administrators

    Which firmware version are you using? PT1000 sensors were first supported in firmware 1.20, and some minor bugs in the PT1000 support were fixed in 2.0.

  • ah... that would have been my mistake. I thought I had a later fw than I did. that seems to have fixed it.


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