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  • hi i am looking for a cover for the panel due 7 inch screen v2 i could not find one so i made this

    if you have made one as well please share mine is only basic i am learning

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    Mine is at You can open it in Customizer, select the panel size and the PanelDue version, and generate the corresponding STL file.

    On thing it's missing is a cutout at one side of the optional lid for the cables.

  • I need to post mine to thingiverse. 40mm extrusion angle mount, and used DC42's scad design as the base for the 7" display itself. might get that done today.

  • My OCD couldn't get past the lack of symmetry in @dc42's design… So, I created my own. Unfortunately, it requires adding a ribbon cable and relocating the speaker but I like the way it turned out. I haven't released it yet since it needs once more revision to make it another 5-10mm thicker so that the back cover doesn't bulge out from hitting the cable. If you're interested, I can maybe get those changes done within the next week and publish it.

    Dig through here and you'll find the pics.


  • I'm the same, my Duet and 7" display came today and I think I will design something that replaces the display on my Rostock Max V2 and try and fit the board where the original one goes. The fun never ends 🙂

  • Took a bit of locating the extension cable but I have one coming so we will wait until it gets here before I get serious. I have to design the case yet anyway…... 🙂

  • Anybody did designs for placement at the base of a kossel? Would spare e loads of time! 🙂

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    IMO a good place for the PanelDue on a delta printer is suspended from the upper triangle, in the area that the arms don't reach. That's where I have mine. It places ther panel at a better height than putting it at the bottom of the printer does, unless your printer is unusually tall.

    The reason most delta designs don't do this is that with the dumb displays used by other controller electronics, the cable length limit is too short to permit it, unless the electronics is also mounted at the top of the printer. PanelDue is unique in supporting a long cable to the electronics.

    In the event that you want to use the external SD card slot on the display panel, then you would need to keep the cable length to 400mm. But the Duet has fast file upload to the internal SD card from the web interface, so an external SD card socket isn't generally useful.

  • Thanks, I was considering at the bottom to reduce long cables. With the duet I do not plan to use the SD card (never did on it before) as the wifi web works very well.
    Is there a constrain on the length of the axis motor cables? I still need to decide if to place all electronics aside with the supply or on the back axis or on the top. The screen will go then on top in front (or int he worst case suspended on a front axis)

    btw mine is a Kossel XL, so it is rather tall

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    The standard cables that T3P3 supply are 800mm I think, likewise the cables that I supply if your order includes a cable (other lengths available to order). I use a cable about 1.6m long on my 1m tall delta. You can go much longer than that, although the maximum resistance per conductor should not exceed 0.1 ohms and you might need to reduce the baud rate.

  • I think I would reach max 110 if I put the electronics with the screen on top, less otherwise.
    Thanks. Once I start wiring … the fun will start (hoping the duet will work 🙂 )

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