Adjusting flow rate on the fly?

  • Can anyone please let me know if there is a way to adjust flow rate S3D (Extrusion Multiplier) on the fly via gcode? I would like to use layer script to tweak extrusion flow.

    Thanks for the help!


  • administrators

    Use the extrusion multiplier control on the Print page of DWC or PanelDue. They both use M221 to adjust the extrusion rate.

  • Thanks for the reply David, I am sorry but I am still not getting it. Can use an M221 code to change the extrusion rate something like:
    {IF LAYER =100} M221 S103
    {IF LAYER =200} M221 S100

    Would a layer change script in S3D like this get my flow to 103% override at layer 100% then back to 100% at layer 200?

    Thanks for the help Buddy!


  • administrators

    I am not familiar with S3D layer change scripts, but if that script causes those commands to be inserted in the gcode file at the start of the appropriate layers, then that should work.


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