Fiber Optic Extension?

  • So, I'm working through the process of designing a mount that gets as close to nozzle as possible without causing heat issues and blocking access to the nozzle and I thought "there has to be a better way". What I was thinking of was an arrangement where you could epoxy 3 strands of glass fiber (can't be plastic or it would melt) to the SMDs, then drill a hole straight down through the fins on the heat sink and down through the heater block as close to the filament path as possible, then routing the fibers through that so they come out at the bottom right next to the nozzle. Of course, the distance and angle of the 3 fibers would have to match the existing setup or some reprogramming would be needed and I'm sure there are other issues I haven't thought of.


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    That's an interesting idea! What I don't know is whether you could couple enough of the light from the LED into a small fibre.

  • Yeah it might have to be a larger diameter multi-mode fiber. What is the sensor actually measuring?

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    The sensor looks for the point where equal amounts of light are reflected into the phototransistor from each IR emitter.

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