WiFi module not starting on boot

  • I recently got a duet WiFi, had it up and running, and printed a few hundred hours on it, and then it just stopped letting me connect. My friend in computer science helped me try to figure it out and we determined that the WiFi module just wouldn’t turn on when the board would start up, so we couldn’t connect with the web interface. Though the commend line we can manually start the WiFi module, but this obviously isn’t an ideal situation to have to turn it on every time the printer gets turned off. I would really apply any help on getting this solved so I can go back to flipping the power switch and being up and running right away.


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    When you say that you can "start the wifi module manually", do you mean that sending M552 S1 from USB or PanelDue will start it, but using M552 S1 in config.g doesn't work? Or something else?

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