Help with Rostock Max Calibration

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    I am have been trying to get my Rostock Max to calibrate at .04 or better but just cannot get it there. My bed radius is set to 110mm and I get around .07 normally. Here are a couple of heat maps. Does this pattern show anything mechanical to try and tweak? I have replaced everything mechanically trying to get this down.

    RSM v3 converted over to Max Metal frame with FSRs and Duet wifi. Stock injection molded carriages with TL carbon fiber arms.



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    That crinkle crisp effect (with the ridges at low X becoming valleys at high X, and vice versa) is a sign of backlash in the motion system. I don't know the Rostock Max, but my general advice for a delta with this issue is:

    • Check that the carriages move smoothly up and down the towers. Lubricate them and/or adjust wheel tension if applicable.
    • Check that there is no play in the joints
    • Lubricate the joints
    • Reduce the spring tension on the joints, if it is adjustable
    • Check that the motor current isn't set much too low

    HTH David

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