Quick question ref M18

  • I've got switches on all my axes maxima, wired together and connected to a spare E stop input. The idea being that it'll stop me doing damage if I do something stupid like send an axis outside it's normal parameters before it has been homed. I'm using M581 and currently using trigger 0. Setting it do an emergency stop like this can be a bit annoying if I'm working on the printer and manually move an axis out of the way such that it hits the limit switch, as I then have to do a reset. So I was thinking of making a sys/trigger2 file and putting M18 in it. Will that work? Basically all I want to do is kill the motors if one of the axes hits a maximum limit switch but leave everything else running normally. So if M18 isn't the correct approach what would be? I'm assuming that sending any command to a motor will automatically re-enable it. Is that also correct? Thanks in advance. Ian

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    M18 will wait until all queue moves are finished before it takes effect, so it's not much use here. I can't remember whether M906 and M913 also wait or not.

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