Feedrate adjustments

  • Is there a way to adjust the feed rate scale for the extruder? 5mm/s is too fast for my mk11 hotend. 1mm works well but its a pain to have to use the computer for that when the screen is right there. I was thinking if the scale were adjustable that would be great. If not can this be added to the future wish list?

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    I agree. 5 is at the max for me. But there is also the case of people using long bowden tubes and using this menu to quickly load and unload filament without actually extruding anything. I kind of think that belongs more in a macro than a default extrusion menu. Perhaps there could be a button on that screen to toggle between high speeds and low speeds?

    In the mean time you could create a set of macros that could extrude a few set distances and set speeds.

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    Suppose I remove the 40 button and add 2, would that suffice?

  • @dc42 for my needs that would work. I use 50 for fast loading and unloading for my bowden setups and usually 5 but again that can be just a bit too fast. 2 seems like a nice fit.

  • I agree, 40 can go out and a 2 in. Using a Bowden setup, so having that long ones really help.

  • @jacotheron I was referring more to speed at which the filament is fed but yes with Bowden high speed and long distance is key.

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