Wifi availability when usb plugged in

  • Hi,
    I noticed that when my board is connected on my PC using USB that the wifi doesn'T start automatically on reset. I must connect to the printer using repetier-host or another program and then the wifi start.

    Is that a normal behavior ?

    BTW good job for that controller… it's so quiet and painless comparing to my older one.

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    The wifi will start automatically if you have a M552 S1 command in your config.g file, and the config.g filer is being read at startup. It shouldn't make any difference whether you are using USB power or VIN power. The config.g file on the card when we ship the boards out has the M552 S1 command commented out.

    Bear in mind that if you have a PanelDue with a 7" display attached, then a normal USB port can't supply sufficient power for that and the Duet to function properly.

  • David,
    It's strange
    WIFI was enabled in my config.h .. if my PC isn'T connected to the board then it start automatically and I can access it few seconds later on reset.

    When PC is connected to the board, if I reset it, I must initiate a connection using the USB port before wifi is available.
    If I reset and then disconnect the usb cable, the wifi start.
    If I connect to the baord with repetier-host then i'm seeing the duet IP in the messages and web interface is available
    If I don't connect to the board with repetier host the wifi doesn'T start at all. I cannot access the web interface until I disconnect the usb cable or I connect to it with repetier-host

    I don't have the PanelDue

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    I'll see if I can reproduce that.

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    I'm sorry, I can't reproduce that. I power the board from USB and connect Repetier. If I reset the board, either by pressing the Reset button or by pressing Emergency Stop in the web interface, then Repetier disconnects but the web interface re-connects. The same happens if I use Pronterface instead of Repetier. This is using firmware 1.15beta3.

    Have you enabled any debug output in config.g? My config.g file starts with M111 S0 to turn debug output off. But I'm fairly certain it is off by default anyway.

  • David,
    it's fine. It was caused by debug… i'm not sure why it was on.


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