ATX PSU has 5.2v output, is it safe to use?

  • I am wiring up an atx power supply to a duetwifi. When the ps has its von shorted it's outputting 12v perfectly but the 5v is outputting 5.2v. I'd like to let the duet control the von of the power supply but I feel the 5.2v output is unsafe. It's a name brand, 700w thermal take psu so I'm surprised it's not regulating the 5v properly. Could it be because the 5v sense wire from the PSU isn't connected to anything?

  • 5.2 volts should be well within spec of the board, but david should know more on that than I do.

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    5.2V is within spec, however there is a risk that the ATX PSU will detect over voltage on the 5V output and shut down. When using an ATX PSU to power a 3D printer you should put a dummy load on the 5V output.

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