Panel Due Ghosting And Not Propogating Macros

  • Hello.

    I am having an issue with my Panel Duet 7i. It seems like when i am powered from my 5v power supply, without the 12v PSU turned on, there is an issue with ghosting and the macros will not propogate.

    When the 12v PSU is turned on, everything works.

    I checked the voltage at the Panel Due at i get 4.3v when the PSU is off and and i get about 4.4v when the PSU is on. At the PSU itself i get 5.3v....

  • The issues with the macros is known and will be fixed in the next release.

    It looks like you have a serious voltage drop between the PSU and the panel. Cable length and type?

  • It is actually that low coming out of the duet.... It’s 4.3v right out the connector.. but i’m using the one that comes from filastruder sold with the panel due... it’s actually sort of dissapointing, i paid extra for it but it’s not keyed like the connectors are, it’s just pin header connections...


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