Setting Z=0 level, not using config.g

  • Our printer has a coreXY movement system with a special type of IDEX system. The Z-endstop is at Z-max. Our bed does not need leveling, but of course we need to be able to set the Z=0. Right now we are just changing the Z-axis limit in the config file with M208. But a nozzle or hot-end change would require this to be done by the customer, what we don't want.

    We would like to create a macro that does the following:

    • Home all axis.
    • Move the bed up to Z=5mm.
    • On the PanelDue move the bed up to touch the nozzle (or a caliber with a know thickness).
    • Store the actual Z-axis limit or an offset by pressing a button on the PanelDue.

    Steps 1 to 3 are straightforward, but is there a way to program step 4?

    How do you, in case there is a bed probe, adjust the height difference between nozzle and probe? We couldn't find this in the G30..G32 description.

  • With a probe, you can set the trigger height with G31

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    I'm not 100% clear on what you're after, but here's my macro for homing to Zmax. I don't do any changes to the z-axis limit.

    First I use this macro to set the trigger height of the zmax endstop.

    ; 0:/macros/Bed Leveling/0_Measure Zmax trigger.g
    ; Automates measuring the Zmax trigger for optical endstop at 300mm
    M291 P"This will set Z0 and calibrate Zmax height to 300mm" R"Proceed?" S3
    M291 P"Homing all axis" T5
    G28			; Home all
    G90			; Absolute positioning
    M98 P"0:/macros/0_Center Nozzle.g"	; Move nozzle to bed center	
    M291 P"Adjust nozzle height until it's touching bed" Z1 S3
    G92 Z0 			; set Z0
    M291 P"Bed will now drop to Z300" S3
    G1 Z300			; Move bed down 300mm
    M291 P"Adjust optical endstop flag until light just turns off" R"Set Zmax=300mm" S3
    M291 P"ZMax homing will now be tested, starting with homing Zmin" S3
    M291 P"Homing to Zmin" T5
    G28 Z
    M291 P"Ready to test Zmax homing?" R"Proceed?" S3
    M291 P"Homing to Zmax" T5
    M98 P"0:/macros/2_HomeZMax.g" ; Test Zmax homing
    M291 P"ZMax homing test complete. Printer will now home all." R"Proceed?" S3
    G28	; Home all
    M291 "ZMax calibration complete." S3

    and then use this to home to z max

    ; HomeZMax.g
    ; Called to home Z to max endstop
    M574 Z2 S1			; Set active-high switch (Opto) at the high end for Z Max.
    G91				; Relative positioning
    G1 S1 Z330 F300			; Move bed down until endstop triggers

    But to do more specifically what you're asking in your list...

    G28 ; home all
    G90 ; absolute positioning
    G1 X100 Y100 ; move to center of bed
    G1 Z5 ; move to Z=5
    M291 P"Adjust nozzle height until it is touching the bed" Z1 S3 ; pop up with Z movement buttons
    G92 Z0 			; set Z0
    G1 Z5 ; move back to z=5
    G28 XY ; go back to home position

    Nozzle probe offset configured with G31 in config.g

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    Store the actual Z-axis limit or an offset by pressing a button on the PanelDue.

    Do you mean store it on the SD card so that the Z=0 position will be the same after a power cycle? If so then the only way I can think of to do this now is:

    • To find the new Z=0 level, after placing the nozzle 5mm above bed centre, send G30 with the Z probe type set to 0 (P0 in your M558 command).
    • Then send G1 S3 Zxxx Fyyy (with appropriate xxx and yyy values) to send the head or bed ot the Z-max endstop. When the endstop is triggered, it will adjust the M208 Z limit. Then send M500 to save the new value in config-override.g.

    The M586 command followed by M500 almost does what you want, however there is currently no facility to use M586 to probe manually instead of using a switch.

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