Troubleshooting Duet Expansion Board

  • I have a Duet Expansion Board connected to a DuetWifi 1.04.

    I'll be using the Duet to control some industrial servo drives that have step/direction inputs.

    To validate the system, I first got a single Leadshine external stepper drive and motor working with the expansion board. Great! But then, when I connected those same expansion board outputs to my servo drive, nothing happened. With my oscilloscope, I can't see any step/direction signals on those pins - even when disconnected from the drive. I do see 5V present on the 3-pin connector.

    I'm concerned that the expansion board was fried somehow - and possibly that it could have also damaged the mainboard. I was able to connect a single NEMA 23 stepper to each of the 5 trinamics drivers on the DuetWifi, and they all work. My LCD seems to work fine. But remapping step/dir signals to the expansion board does nothing - it seems to be dead.

    Are there any simple tests I could do to see what's wrong with the expansion board, and to confirm that I haven't fried any pins in the expansion header on the DuetWifi?

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    Does the Leadshine driver still work with the expansion board?

    Is +5V power still reaching the expansion board through the ribbon cable?

  • The driver doesn't work with the board and I don't see step/dir signals from it.

    I do see +5V on the 3-pin connector on the side of the expansion board.

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    Please share your config.g file.

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