Bug on baby stepping reset...

  • Hi there.
    I think I was found one bug.
    If I print first model and use baby step for example +0.4mm and have some trouble with print I stop the print and start new one, but second print start with 0.4mm baby step position on screen LCD and in DWC, but Z coordinates show correct (in right up corner DWC...+0.2mm)...I did not homing head between print.

  • administrators

    The Z coordinate displayed by DWC is the user Z coordinate as requested by the GCode, before adding any tool offset, workspace coordinate offset, bed compensation, or baby stepping offset.

  • i.e. my print hight in second print is +0.4+0.2=+0.6mm??

  • administrators

    It will display as 0.2mm if that is what your slicer asks for, same as it does in the first layer of the first print. You can send M290 to find out what baby stepping Z offset is set currently.

  • @dc42,
    Hmm...I thinked what this position head righ now in real time (Including Baby Step)...

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