How to create macros correctly?

  • I recently updated my firmware from 1.17e to 1.19.2 (should have stayed with the other, nonetheless we are here now) Anyhow my macros are present on the sd card in the macros folder, but are not executing. They keep coming up with an error. Can someone explain to me how they should appear. Below is 2 samples of my macros for load and unload.

    Extract 100mm

    ; Extrude 100mm filament
    G1 E100 F150

    M98 P"0:/macros/Extrude 100mm"
    Macro file "0:/macros/Extrude 100mm" not found.

    Unload Filament

    Unload Filament
    ; Unload filament
    G1 E-5 F500
    G1 E-500 F3600

    M98 P"0:/macros/Unload filament"
    Macro file "0:/macros/Unload filament" not found.

  • Maybe try to not use spaces in macro names?

  • administrators

    Spaces are OK, I use them in my macro file names. Check that you are using the correct flavour of double-quote characters and that the filename on the SD card is exactly the same as in the command.

    Did you change anything in the way that you invoke the macros?

  • Not sure what happened, but I reloaded the firmware because I thought I found a 1.17 copy, turned out it was 1.15b, so I went back to 1.19.2 and this time I only changed the WiFi Server to 1.93 instead of 1.21 and presto, everything is working again. I won't pretend that was the intention, but I'll take it. Thank you for your help. I did however go in and clean all of the macros up, the original writer of them had them somewhat very vanilla. I found a tutorial, I believe you wrote, that explained it in very great detail, so I copied many of your examples and reworked them for my setup.

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