Bed Compensation

  • Hello everyone,

    I just did a massive (399 points, 540cm2) bed compensation just for fun, and to see if I have any major problems. I'm not going to use this plot, but I do have a couple questions on why I am seeing what I am seeing.

    0_1533615870655_399 plot.jpg

    1. What could be causing the major low areas at the front left and front right?

    2. Does this look like a good or bad bed map? and why?

    3. is there any recommendations from anyone that might help if the bed map is bad?

    Again, this was just for fun and for my own curiosity. My real map will not have this number of points.

    Little info about my printer.
    Hypercube Evo. 3/8in thick cast and machined aluminum bed, with BuildTak flexplate system on top. a BLtouch as close to the X-axis rods as I could get it in the middle of my X carriage. PTFE tubs removed for probing this map.


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    Reasons for the height map not being flat include:

    • Bed not flat
    • Sagging gantry. In this case the bed will appear to be high in the middle, and (depending on the printer architecture) low either along two opposite sides or in all for corners
    • Print head tilting as it moves. Unless your Z probe is of the nozzle-contact variety, this will change the relative heights of the nozzle and the probe, sur to the horizontal offset between them.
    • Inconsistent Z probe trigger height. However, in this case the height variations would look much more random.

    Your map appears low in all four corners, so I suspect that a sagging gantry is part of the problem.

  • @dc42 said in Bed Compensation:

    Your map appears low in all four corners, so I suspect that a sagging gantry is part of the problem.

    Since this printer is a coreXY I don't think my gantry is sagging, I think it is being forced to sag upward when the Y-axis moves close to the mounting points. Looks like I am going to have to take it apart and do some adjustments. Thanks for the help.


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