Molex KK Part Numbers

  • Hi all. I just bought my duet this morning, and went looking for connectors....

    In the documentation ( it says ...

    4 Pin shell - 22-01-2045. I believe that this is now out of date - its certainly hard to find these in the usual place, some suppliers mark it as obsolete. I believe that 22-01-3047 is the replacement. The search was made more difficult because the molex data sheet has a generic image, but the 3d models are as expected.

    This would make the 2 pin shell 22-01-3027 etc

    I'm not confident enough to change the wiki yet, but have ordered some...


  • administrators

    Thanks for the update. the Molex site does indeed say they are obsolete and that 22-01-3047 is the replacement. I've checked the part numbers and updated the wiki.

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