Duet 0.85 ABS won't melt at 285.

  • I could not set a higher temp so I raised the thermistor resistance value all the way up to 9000k to get some old ABS to flow properly. I think I have a VOM with a thermocouple if I can find it. How else can I check the actual temps? I just rebuilt my 300mm bed kissel and the bed deviation was like 0.028. The new smart effector is wonderful. I am also curious about the constant fan on the hotend. How much cooling do you want in the heat brake? Should filiment stay solid there? I seen to have less issues if I run the constant fan at about 59%. Is that ok or am I messing something else? Rex

    I have started looking at the effector code, wondering if it is possible to detect a bed strike and shut down the printer if it happens. I know it's easier to detect an event like a single hit, but if you get several rising signals in a row during a bed crash that would be nice to stop ..


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    Is your heatsink fan blowing directly on the heat block at all? Do you have a silicone sock to shield it? I'm guessing that the temperature at your nozzle is insufficient.

    A thermocouple would be ideal to measure the spot temp. If you have an oven thermometer it's usually good up to 100c. You could at least see if your lower end temp range is accurate.

    What type of hot end is this by the way? Standard E3D V6?

  • Smart effector E3C, with parts swapped for 3mm. I have another question. Can I use the output if auto calibration to adjust my printer frame to be better aligned? I added an aluminum plate under the bed, be measured the vertical supports to get them all exactly 400mm, but I think my endstops are still off based on the auto calibration.m not 100% sure what the M666 offsets are measuring.. I could not believe how little the errors were when leveling the bed. I really want to print something to see how good the first layer is now. It's always been a struggle to get a good first layer.

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    You could run G29 after setting up a grid size and view the resulting height map to get a better idea of how flat your bed actually is. It would also highlight any other oddities.

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