after upgrade blank white screen

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    I took Dave's advice and upgraded to duet combined firmware. Than I upgraded to the DWC 1.21.1 and now I see the board connected to my router. I type ip to enter DWC and I connect to a white screen with nothing. No internet connection error. No taking to long to connect error either. I think it is connected, but I have no visually display. I extracted and uploaded the files in the correct order containing the correct extracted content. I replaced the card and re-powered board. All as per duet 3d site instruction. I only get a blank white screen. I formatted the brand name sd card with exfat format using the sd card association app on my desktop with cluster size 128k. I am confused as to how I am to upgrade DWC. Firmware is done online, but the DWC requires sd removal and manual upload to upgrade. That's what I read on duet site. How does the firmware know to install the content?

  • Exfat and 128k clusters doesn't sound right.

    Fat16 and 64k clusters would be correct.

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    Exfat is a Microsoft proprietary patented disk format, and is therefore not supported by the Duet. Use FAT16 if your SD card is 8Mb or smaller, else FAT32.


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