So… what do I do with Wireshark?

  • Got WireShark installed. When I filter by the Duet IP, I'm seeing what appears to be the same few lines over and over again. I see some TCP lines, then a GET request from my computer to the Duet, and a HTTP application/json reply, then FIN,ACK and then RST,ACK. Not sure if that's normal behavior or if there's anything useful I should be parsing from this.

    When I don't filter by IP, I see an endless stream of stuff I don't know what to do with.

    Any suggestions?

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    What you are seeing when you filter by the Duet's IP address sounds like the normal behaviour. Each set of lines is one status poll from the browser to the Duet. You can set the frequency of these in the Settings page. AFAIR the default is 250ms.

    The "endless stream" when you don't filter by IP address is other traffic on your network. To identify it you will need to look at the from and to IP addresses. Those that both start with the same 3 numbers as your PC and the Duet (typically 192.168.1) are devices on your own network. The others are on the internet except for a few multicast addresses

  • Yeah, I got my list of device IPs on 2.4ghz from my router to figure out "who is sending what" on the network… Couple computers, Duet Wifi, OctoPi, a baby monitor, etc. But I don't know what sort of traffic/congestion I should be looked at for improving ESP8266 performance.

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    Are yout using DuetWebControl 1.11b-dc42 yet? If so, how often are you getting disconnects?

  • I updated it. Haven't had a chance to monitor any prints yet though. It was up for ~10 hours last night without disconnecting, but I don't know if the eventual disconnect was the Duet or my computer disconnecting from wifi for no obvious reason.

  • If you save the wireshark trace and then put it on dropbox or somewhere I can take a look at the trace. Hopefully you weren't buying anything on line or I might see your credit card! (just kidding, that would be sent encrypted along with passwords so it should not be a problem).

  • Yesterday evening it disconnected after 12 minutes while doing nothing. I have a print running right now, after 20 minutes it was still connected. I have family in town all weekend but I'll try to get a trace uploaded if I have a minute.

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