Sanity check on controlling small servos from the Duet WiFi ...

  • There's a spattering of threads about it in the forum, but before I risk letting the magic blue smoke out of my Duet, I figured I'd double check on it ... and hopefully confirm people have gotten it working...

    I should be able to tap 5v and ground from the expansion header, and use any of the heater outputs on there to control a servo, from what I've been reading. The only "gotcha" I've seen is a suggestion to use a 200uF cap between 5v and ground to absorb back surges, other than that it should "just work"? I know the heater pins are 3.3v, but from what I've seen, pretty much all servos work with <3.3v for their signal line. (I control them just fine from ESP8266 chips, that are 3.3v)

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    That's all correct.


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