Axis steps/mm issues - correct values moving too far

  • Background, I'm retrofitting an old Rostock Max V1 with 15 -tooth pulleys and 106.67 steps/mm - I began doing some tests to set height before running autocalibration. The problem is, my motors are moving too far no matter what I enter for axis steps per mm.

    My config.g has this: M92 X106.7 Y106.7 Z106.7

    With a ruler the height from my nozzle to my bed is about 385mm. When I hit Z-100 twice, I hit the bed. But the web interface reads approximately Z180.
    When I start from home position (385mm) and go down by 10 (Z-10) when I'm supposed to be at ~300, I'm at 285 or so.

    I've tried numerous attempts at changing the M92 values, including raising the steps/mm by 50 and lowering them by 50 - but this seems to have no effect at all. That is,
    M92 X156.7 Y156.7 Z156.7 and M92 X56.7 Y56.7 Z56.7 - reach the same height of around 285 after hitting Z-10 8 times from a home height of 385.

    I don't know what to try next. Any ideas?

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    Please post your whole config.g file.

    EDIT: I see from your other post that you have resolved this.

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