Delta smart effector burnout

  • Started print and went home last night. When i came back to office printer was stopped. Than i see burnout of heater channel on the picture. İ checked the cables and didnt see any short circuit. İ was printing pla at 210 c degree. What should i do now?0_1534337587489_burnout.jpg

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    I'm sorry to see that one of the heater traces appears to have burned out. AFAIR we've only had one other similar instance reported.

    What is the rated power of your hot end heater, and what supply voltage are you using? If you have a multimeter, it would be helpful if you can measure the resistance of the hot end heater.

    There is another trace in the same position on the underside of the PCB. What condition is that trace in?

    The trace that has burned out connects the H- pin of the 6-pin connector to the - pin of the heater terminal block. So you can bypass it using a piece of wire connected between those pins, running over the edge of the effector. As it appears likely that your heater is drawing more current than normal, it's probably wise to bypass the other trace too - that one connects H+ on the 6-pin connector to + on the terminal block.

  • heater is 24v 40w powered. My machine runs on 24v. on the underside of pcb there is no trace of any burn or melted part.

    below is my config
    M305 P1 X200
    M307 H1 A608.7 C274.3 D5.0 B0 S0.9

    i will connect directly cables to run the machine again.
    i will reduce S0.9 to S0.6 to keep it low current

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    I am surprised that the trace burned out using a 24V heater cartridge. If you have a multimeter, please measure the resistance of the cartridge. I have found that Chinese heater cartridges are often way out of specification.

    btw a 30W cartridge is adequate for a V6 hot end, if anything it's a bit over powered if there is a silicone sock over the heater block.

  • i dont have multimeter but i will consider your suggestion and buy 30w of cartridge to be in safe area. i use silicone sock

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