Leadshine ESD508

  • Hello,

    Does someone manage to use hybride servo drive (leadshine ESD 508) with their duetboard ?

    I can not setup them to don't have wave on my print unless i use a 0.4 mm layer height...

    Any advice ?

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    Apart from the wave on the print, is the machine working correctly?

    Can you post a photo of the print?

  • Hello DC42,

    Yes the printer works correctly with thick layer (0.4 mm layer heigh) like this pic :
    alt text

    but when i want lower layer heigh, i get this wavy pattern (0.1mm heigh) :
    alt text

    If you've an idea of what can cause this, i would like to know !

    Thanks !

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    A few questions:

    • What printer architecture is it, what Z motion system does it use, and (if applicable) what is the Z leadscrew pitch?
    • What microstepping have you set the Leadshine drivers to?
    • What is your Z steps/mm setting?
    • What is the motor current rating, and what current have you set the Leadshine driver to?

  • @dc42

    • Printer architecture : Core XY, Z driven by 3 leadscrews and 2mm pitch
    • Microstepping set in the DUET in Z : 600 in leadshine driver : 1200 pulse/rev (i also tried other combinaison without success)
    • Motor current rating 3.4A per phase and set 100% in closeloop and 70% in open loop

    Motors are powered by a 48VDC down at 36V (if it helps)

    Maybe i've an other clue to give you about this problem : when i tried to activate the bed leveling (after performed a G29) on a print, my printer going into "resonnance" Z motor is making an annoying noise, but don't go in alert mode and continue to move....

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    The likely cause of that banding is uneven layer thickness, or Z wobble. To tell the difference, compare two of the corners. If both corners bulge out at the same Z height, then you have uneven layer thickness. If one bulges in while the other bulges out, you have a cyclic layer shift caused by Z wobble.

    As the problem only occurs at small layer heights, I suspect it is uneven layer thickness. If you have confirmed that no steps are being missed (by checking that the Z height of your print is correct) then I think the problem must lie with the motors/encoders or drivers producing uneven step sizes.

    With traditional open loop stepper motors, to avoid this effect you would choose the layer height to be an exact number of full steps.

    What is the pitch of the banding?

  • Step resonance causes wavy patterns on the outer surface. All stepper motors have a bad area related to resonance, easiest way is simply avoid continuous movement at that speed, you can tune them somewhat using the Leadshine software. Unless you replace your leadscrews with ballscrews 1200 pulses per rev is overkill, backlash will eat a lot of the perceived accuracy but I dont know the if microsteps can be altered the D508 , I've only ever used the D1008's,

    Looks very much like a mechanical problem to me, as dc42 asks, what's the pitch of bands? Check everything is tight, grub screws on motors, pulleys etc and extruder.

  • Hi DC 42, Pilotltd,

    Pitch is close to 2mm so like leadskew pitch, i will re-check all my bed dans redo test !

    Thanks for your help !

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