Issues With Skipped Steps Recognition

  • Hi,

    I recently got the Duet WiFi for my CR-10S5 and i'm working on tuning skipped steps recognition. I thought I'd start with the X-Axis, and then move on to Y. The command I've put in config.g is as follows: M915 X Sxx F0 H50 R2. If I set the S-Value to anything below 30 it falsely detects lost steps every time the axis moves, however if I set it at 30 or above, it wont detect lost steps, even if I force the axis to skip. I am very frustrated and would greatly appreciate some help!


  • administrators

    S30 is much higher than normal, and H50 is much lower than is typically viable for reliable stall detection. The Trinamic datasheet for the stepper drivers states that 1 rev per second is typically the lowest speed at which an impending stall can be detected, which is why H defaults to 200 in the M915 command. I suggest you start by leaving H at the default value of 200, which should allow you to use lower S values.

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