Recommended wire to use with supplied Ferrules

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    I'm trying to wire up a Duet Ethernet, but the 12 gauge wire I am trying to use (based on what is supplied with the Rostock v2) for the power doesn't fit the supplied ferrules. What size ferrules are supplied with the kit? It looks like the grey ones are the biggest, but are clearly too small for my wire. What size wire is recommended that will fit for the power in? I'm using 12v power on a Rostock max v2, e3d v6, stock heated bed.



  • I measured my clearly labelled 12awg wire, and it has a wire diameter of about 2.5mm, plus an extra thick silicone cover. I just looked up wire thickness, and it looks like 2.5mm is similar to 10awg, while 12 should be just over 2mm... could my wire be labelled wrong?



  • I found that the ferrels that came with the duet were also too small for my wires
    the simple answer was to get one of these

    crimper and set of ferrels all in one

  • Thanks. I already got the crimp tool (had no idea that there are so many types of crimp tools, ugh...). I can pick up some 12awg ferrules (I hope) at the hardware store. They will fit into the clamp on the board? There was another thread I found where they say they aren't sure if they would even fit. For the short term I'm just stripping off some strands by clipping with a 14awg wire stripper, and shaving off some of the thick silicone so it fits. I assume that will work without issue, at least in the short term. Other options are to get 12 gauge ferrules to use w the existing wire, or get some 14 gauge wire, or just leave my cheat in place.



  • @kamacuras said in Recommended wire to use with supplied Ferrules:

    They will fit into the clamp on the board?

    The terminals on the board can take very large ferrules. I am stuffing Twin-2.5mm² ferrules in there. This is about 12 or 11 AWG. And I guess it could even take 10 AWG ferrules. I would not try to go any higher though.

  • So I finally got a real ferrule crimper and a variety of ferrules. The Grey ones I bought fit my 12g wire, but the grey ones in the Duet kit were too small. So now all good with the main power and bed connections, however, my ferrule woes continue.

    I just crimped my 18g hotend wires and they don't fit in the top terminals! I had used ferrules from the crimper kit (yellow) that fit the wire. I then clipped those off and tried the slightly smaller red ones supplied w the Duet, but even those won't fit. I am using a real ferrule crimper that crimps them into a square, and I have it set on a high pressure so they are being compressed as far as they can be. The wire is the wire that came w the Rostock kit, stiff 18g with 7 strands.

    Do I need to start stripping off strands?



  • got it. Went to yet a third set, the white from the crimp kit (once again ever so slightly different that the white ferrules in the Duet kit... Metric vs imperial?). But even those wouldn't fit all the way in, so I did a second crimp of just the very tip, which crunched the end to the point where i could remove that little bit, an which point I could force it into the terminal.

    Am I the only one w ferrule issues, or did some just skip them (like I almost did)?

    Well the hardware is about done (just need to extend one of the FSR cables... they are too short to reach across the bed, any issues if one of them is longer than the other two?), then on to the software setup, which I am not really looking forward to, as I expect there will be issues based on my limited knowledge of such things.

    This won't be my last plea for help...


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