Dual Y motors preferred wiring

  • I am working on a new Cartesian IDEX printer design. Since it is rather large, I intend to use dual Y motors and dual Z motors.

    In everyone's experience, is it preferable to wire dual motors like this to a single driver in series or to separate drivers that are mapped to receive identical commands with the M584 command?

    Since I will already be using a Duex expansion board, It seems like it would be better to use separate drivers, but since I have never done it I am not sure. Any other pitfalls I should be aware of?

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    Wiring motors in series normally works well - especially if you are using 24V power - unless they are low current/high inductance motors, in which case parallel wiring may be better. However, if you have spare drivers, you have the option of using them.

    Can you share the specifications of the motors, and let us know what voltage power supply you will be using?

  • Thanks for your reply, I appreciate your input. The motors are Kysan 1124090 Nema 17 (https://ultimachine.com/products/kysan-1124090-nema-17-stepper-motor). 1.5 amp per phase, fairly standard 3D printer steppers.

    The power supply is 24V.

    My guess based on these specs is that wiring in series on one driver would be superior to wiring in parallel on one driver. But I'm not sure if using separate driver for each motor is better than wiring the 2 motors in series (since I will already have spare drivers).

    Is there any benefit or issue with using a separate driver for each motor? Has anyone experienced superior results or risk of missed steps with either style of setup?

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    Wiring stepper motors in series reduces the speed at which the torque starts to drop off. However, with 1.8deg/step motors and a 24V supply on a non-delta printer, it's unlikely that you will reach that point. But as you have spare drivers, you may as well drive them independently.

  • Great, thank you. I'll wire each motor to a separate driver and report back if there are any issues.

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