Anybody actually happy with a Tablet instead of PanelDue?

  • In the US, a PanelDue 7i is $99 from Filastruder.

    Therefore, at least in my mind, there needs to be some arbitrary threshold of savings to even try a tablet. When a tablet starts creeping up on $80, shipped, I'd just order the Panel. If you happen to have one that is not in use, i.e. "free", that's great. I don't. At least not at the moment.

    So... I've tried a $50 tablet that I ordered of of Ali (or similar, don't remember) and had to wait months. Once it got here, it was OK at best. Finally decided it was too slow, and, it doesn't seem to want to stay connected on long prints (where a desktop W10 stays connected to the very same long print).

    The next nearest thing MIGHT be a re-furb Amazon Fire 8 inch, for about $60 shipped (if you have prime). Anyone running that tablet? Worth it?

    And/or, any tablet that is orderable for, say, $60, that has proven to work really well?


  • I tend to use a tablet for monitoring my fleet of minions while working, it does the job if you are willing to take the time with it. I have resorted to the tablet just being a "notification panel" if I see something is wrong I address it in browser on a computer or go to the machine and use the panel. The issue I found using a tablet, especially cheaper ones, is the responsiveness. Many times when I was scrolling down the page I accidentally set the printers speed to 150% or the fans to 0%. I would only suggest using a cheap tablet the way I do, a mobile notification panel that is easily replaced if dropped while doing other things.

  • Thanks @projectR3D

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