Using Z max only for homing after power loss

  • Hi, I was reading the forum but I got confused, so I am making my own thread, I have a coreXY machine, I use sensorless homing for x and y and a probe for Z, but I had some power failures lately so I want to set up power recovery, but I ran into a problem, that I should home the Z to the max switch, but I dont know how to set it up only for the power recovery homing

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    Read the section on homing Z in the wiki page for setting up RRF for as Cartesian printer (it applies to CoreXY printers too). But instead of putting the commands in homez.g or homeall.g, put them in resurrect-prologue.g, along with commands to home X and Y as normal.

  • sorry, I am stupid, I read the guide wrong, sorry for polluting the forum😀

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