Ethernet & YAT Setup Issues

  • Hello all,

    I recently purchased a Duet2 Ethernet (v1.03) after we had a successful experience with a Duet WIFI but I am running into a series of frustratingly simple issues. After following the step by step guide, I can get YAT to connect to the Duet Ethernet however it will not respond to any GCode commands like M115 or M552. I also try to use the set IP address and it shows "nonresponsive" too (see photo below).

    The "<Warning:CTA inactive,retaing data ...> message was not there when I setup the Duet WIFI. If I use Repetier Host to communicate with the Duet Ethernet, the M115 code will return with the current firmware version but M552 still wont ping a response from the Duet Ethernet. If I take the SD card out and pull up the config file, it reads:

    Configuration file for testing Duet Ethernet and Wifi with V1.19.2 firmware

    FOR TESTING ONLY! USE to generate configuration files for your printer!

    ; Communication and general
    M111 S0 ; Debug off
    M550 PDuetTest ; Machine name and Netbios name (can be anything you like)
    M551 Preprap ; Machine password (used for FTP)

    ;*** Networking
    M552 S1 ; Turn network on

    ;*** Ethernet networking: Adjust the IP address and gateway in the following 2 lines to suit your network
    M552 P192.168.1.14 ; (0 = DHCP)
    M554 P192.168.1.255 ; Gateway
    M553 P255.255.255.0 ; Netmask

    I've tried to edit the IP address on the card but I am still somewhat new to this and can't get it to save my M552 P0.0.0.0 edit.

    Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    A few issues:

    • The firmware you are running is quite old and should be updated. But it should be OK to get connected, then you can update it over the network.
    • In YAT go to Terminal->Settings and change "Flow control" to "none". That should take care of the warnings and allow you to send data.
    • IP address is probably not a valid address on your local subnet. I suggest you change it to to let your router assign one. Here are two ways to do that:

    (a) when you have YAT working, send M552 S0 to disable networking, then M552 P0.0.0.0 S1 to change the IP address and enable networking. With luck it will respond a little later with the IP address that your router has allocated. If it doesn't, send M552 without parameters to check the network state.

    (b) move the SD card to a PC and edit the config.g file. Don't forget to tell your PC to eject or safely remove the device before you remove it.

  • Thank you so much for your quick reply, that fixed everything!