Duet Wifi & Extrusion Factor?

  • Like the title says, I set my extrusion factor in the slicer before generating the gcode but it doesnt seem to matter. The duet wifi board im using doesnt set the extrusion factor to what I set it at in the slicer program. For example, if I set extrusion factor to 90% in the slicer program, but the extrusion factor is set to 100% on the duet web control, it prints at 100%. Shouldnt the duet board read the extrusion factor from the gcode and then use that unless overridden by the user in the web control?

  • In any machine control software I've seen, the speed and extrusion multipliers are in addition to the slicer settings. In other words, the control software doesn't know (or care) what the percentage of any slicer value was set to.

    So, if the slicer extrusion factor is set to 90%, all the extrusion vales in the gcode will have taken the 90% in to account. If the control software (e.g. DWC) extrusion factor is now set (by you) to 90%, it will be 90%, of the 90% value generated by your slicer.

  • Ok, thanks. Thats good to know.

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