To buy or not to buy a Due?

  • Playing around with built in Macros, when I click on the macro to test optical sensors (not at my printer, can't remember the name) it tells me to use the Paneldue.

    Is there a way to work around this? Is there anything else I would need a Paneldue for that I can't use the web interface to accomplish?


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    I guess it's referring to a message popup generated by M291. If so, you can use the web interface for that too, unless you are using a very old version of firmware and/or Duet web Control.

  • I don't see a macro on the SD image that does what you describe.

    Can you post the name, and content, of that macro?

  • This is the built in Macro I was referring to.


    And the message I see asking me to use/check the paneldue.

    Is at asking me to physically activate the X endstop? The X endstop is currently activated as the printed is homed. If I can do this from the website, I don't see a button called X Endtop.

    Reviewing the Macro code, it looks like it is also checking the PanelDue from something...

    Thanks for your help!

  • That's just a factory test macro, I think?

  • Yup. The Macros that start with 1, 2, 3, 4 and SETNETWORK_DHCP came with my DuetEth. The other 2 I created.

  • Interesting. I don't think I got that one.

    Have to find an original card image to be sure...

  • ; Test Routine for Duet WiFi and Ethernet June 2018 - Check IR Probe, PanelDue and endstops

    ;Start logging
    M929 P"test1log.txt" S1

    M577 X S2 ; wait for endstop to trigger
    M577 X S0 ; wait for endstop release

    ;----setup motors for test----
    ;M906 X2000 Y2000 Z2000 E2000:2000 I100 ;set all motors to 2A with no idle current reduction

    ;----homing line (tests endstops)----
    G91 ; use relative positioning
    G1 S1 X3200 Y3200 Z3200 F9000 ; move XYZ motors, stopping when endstops are triggered
    ;----end homing lines----

    M117 GO ON TO TEST 02

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    Perhaps it's asking you to watch the Z probe reading on PanelDue while you hold something under the IR sensor to trigger it? If so then you can see the Z probe reading in DWC too.

  • @dc42
    That could be it. I just haven't seen that test actually do anything and give me that pop up. I don't think I need the macro. (Would like to run through it as a test and better understand all this stuff). But in this case I was just concerned I needed a PanelDue and I didn't buy one. I may in the future but was planning to try out an old tablet or phone to the web interface first. When I saw this message, my lack of experience with Duets and needing to understand Gcode, I thought there may be a requirement fora Due in some circumstances I was unaware of.

    After I get my printing working properly, I will come back to this macro and see if I can get it to work.
    Right now I think my problems are related to not having any previous experience with a Bowden set up and getting S3d to print all over again. I may put those issues/questions up in the tweak sections later depending on how much progress I make through out the day.

    Thanks for your help!

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