Hot end won't heat, am I missing something?

  • Okay, so I'm setting up my new Duet Wifi. I don't think that I have anything out of the ordinary for the hot end configuration, it ought to be using E0. I have not tried the E0 motor control at all yet.

    My machine is configured as a pretty standard Cartesian. I am still in the assembly/testing phase, so my wiring is a mess, but I am pretty sure that I have it connected correctly.


    I crimped the ferrules that came with the Duet onto the hotend heaters. The Web control shows room temperature for the hotend temperature, so the thermistor seems to be reasonable.

    I can heat the bed to 55 deg C easily and correctly. My IR thermometer verifies that the temperature is within reason, but when I try to heat the hot end, it remains room temperature. IR thermometer, and then fingers confirm that it does not get warm. I'm showing ~16 ohms across the ferrules when it's disconnected from the Duet, which is what I expect for a 40W/24V heater, and Vin is 24V.

    Have I missed a configuration step somewhere? Wired it wrong?

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    It looks like you may have crimped the plastic part of each ferrule; but it is the metal part that you need to crimp, with the bared extruder wires inside them.

    There is a red LED for each extruder on the Duet. In your photo they are the top two LEDs on the left hand edge of the board. Does the E0 LED light up when you command the extruder to heat? If yes then the problem is almost certainly in your wiring. If not, please post your config.g file.

  • 0_1535742792022_config.g
    I've verified resistance using contact to the ferrules. the metal part inside the plastic is securely crimped to the wire.

    There is no LED lighting for the E0 heater when I turn it on. I can see one for the bed, but I did not know if there was one to see for the hotend heaters. I get LEDs for Vin, 5V, 3.3V, but I have not seen the other two light up at all. I will admit that I did not look specifically at those 2 LEDs, more looking to see if anything changed when I activated the heater.

    This config.g is the copy from my desktop, I made some changes regarding the Z probe in the one that's actually on the board now, however this is the version that was running when I tested the heaters. I put that problem aside and went through everything else on my list after.

    For what it's worth, everything else seems to work as expected, though because of a mechanical issue, I still have not finished with Z homing.

    edit: My pliers did crush the plastic on the ferrules, but they are crimped securely, the indent is towards the bottom of the board.

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    Have you activated the hot end tool? It is tool 0 in your configuration. To activate it, click on it in DWC, or send command T0.

  • Okay, it's sorted out. Chalk it up to a weird browser issue. Updated browser, and it works as expected.

    I needed to go to "machine status, then refresh the page. Set the tool to "active", wait a second, then refresh the page again, then once more set it to "active" for the LED to come on. Once it did, it heated up quickly and accurately.

    Now I just need to print some replacement parts, so that I can make the Z axis work...

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