Mpcnc plasma table

  • So I have a extra duet wifi bord I been trying to figure out what to do with.
    So I have been looking at building th mpcnc as a 4x4 plasma table. I was pondering if the duet could be configured to work with a torch height controller like this one
    It has 3 outputs that should be monitored. Up down and ark ok

  • Looking at it, I see it is relay controlled for the 3 outputs, which is good (having Active Low trigger pins, and use the Signal and Ground through each relay - signal should be pulled high).

    If you were to connect them to pins like endstops (that you are not using, or endstops on the expansion header), which can be remapped and cause triggers (see, you can write custom macros that are run when each of the outputs on the controller is triggered (for example the UP can contain something like "G1 Z+0.5 F500" - the + indicating a relative movement)

    You will need to create some custom macros for this, and possible some wiring, but I can't see why it can't be done.

    If going through, just have a safe way to test it thoroughly before using it in production.

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