Bug: defaut g-codes stopped showing after firmware upgrade

  • After upgrading from 1.21 fo 2.02RC1 (and DWC 1.22.3) the list of default g-codes that would appear on the top of the screen stopped working.


    I can't see a way to invoke the drop down list that would appear before.

    The list is still populated in the configs:


    Is this a bug?

    Thank you!

  • Hi,

    I think I recall reading it is just a different approach.

    Anything you enter will become part of a history you can reference.


  • Hummmm. I typed several G commands there already and none of them shows up when starting a new G command. However, if I type "M", the list of M default g-codes command appears:


    I don't believe this was intentional because it was easier before, I would not have to type a letter, just open the dropdown list and click on an item.

  • This is in fact working as intended. Every gcode entered into the console will be remembered and will pop up as an auto complete option.

    I'm not a huge fan of the change either.

  • Well, it indeed does that. I went to the console and run "M119" and "M122", and when I typed "M" again at that box it showed:


    It seems that the "Default G-Codes" on the Configs "List Items" will always appear first and then the remembered ones from the console.

    I miss the possibility to open the history drop down list by clicking instead of by typing.


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