New Duet Wifi continuously kills new fan on pwm fan0-2

  • Hif Folks,

    two weeks ago I received my new Duet Wifi Board and I'm really happy with it, except of one problem: I really kills my fans on pwm sockets.
    I bought 3 new fans in a row of one week now (24V), testet them on the always on fan socket. Everything worked fine as long as it is on always on socket. On PWM fan 0 to 2 it only works until restart. (pwm set to 255). As soon as I disconect the device from power and restart, the fan is completely dead and even does not work an the always on socket.

    This hapened to three completely new fans, and I guess this would also happen to the fourth fan if I do not find the root cause. I thought this might be a dead mosfet, but in this case, the fan will not be dead, but always on or would work on the always on socket.

    Any suggestions?

    P.S. does not work on my android device but on windows, is this a known issue?

  • administrators

    Ordinary fans are not designed to work with PWM and it's a wonder that so many of them do. It sounds as though the fans you have purchased do not like PWM at all. You can change the PWM frequency using the F parameter in the M106 command, but I doubt it will help.

    I use 24V 40mm fans from this supplier

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