DuetEthernet Duex Flatcable issue

  • Dear all,
    I have a home build CoreXY printer, running on a DuetEthernet. As I use three Z-drives, I wanted independent bed leveling, so I purchaced a Duex5 for this purpose.
    Strange thing happens. If I connect the flat cable between the Duet and the Duex, the printer does not respond to any command, no movement at all. No respons to M commands (M115 and M122) from Web Control or PanelDue.
    Started fault finding:
    Disconnected Duex from flaccable (DuetEthernet side still connected): issue remains.
    Disconnect DuetEthernet from flat cable, -result all works as expected.
    Please advice.
    Thanks in advance

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    It sounds like either there is a short in the cable, or somehow the capacitance of the cable is causing problems. Does the ribbon cable look correctly made - in particular, has the ribbon cable been put into the connectors at either end centrally?

  • Thanks for your fast response. I think you are right about the faulty cable. Yesterday night I connected a functional 50 pins connector with flat cable from an other project to the DuetEthernet and all was working well.
    I could not connect the Duex5 because the other side of the flat cable connector was an ECP connector.
    I have ordered a handfull of 50 pin EDI connectors and will make a new 6" long flat cable and try again.
    If all works well I will post it and this thread can be closed.
    Again thanks for your fast support.

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    Also you should ask your DueX5 supplier to send you a working cable!

  • Thanks again for your support. I made a new cable and all works fine. I should have asked for a new cable, but making one myself was a 5 min job after I received the 50 pin connectors.
    Problem solved.

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