Tronxy X5SA question with upgrading to Duet

  • So, I've bought one of these printer. It comes with an ARM based controller board, but it has allegro drivers on the board, and no breakouts to put in any TMC drivers. The board manufacture and Tronxy says that it is upgradeable to WIFI, but I can't find the wifi modules anywhere.
    This is the board.

    Not to be confused with the X5S, which only has an ATMel board.

    Because of this I want to replace the board with a Duet WIFI.
    My question is, what would I need to do to get the X/Y motors to run correctly?

    Reason for my question is, both "X" and "Y" motors have to be used to move in just the X plane, and the Y plane.
    What I mean is, to run linearly, both motors run opposing rotation, where as the perpendicular linear path, it rotates in the same rotation.

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    Are you referring to the fact that it's a coreXY kinematic? The Duet would not have any trouble with that.

  • I thank you. This is very helpful.

    I might just upgrade all my 3d printers with duets. (well, upgrade 2 and use spare parts to build a third)

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