Getting hotend to lift immediatly the print finishes

  • Hi.

    Got a Duet Wifi (genuine from E3D) and installed it on a BLV mod of the ANet A8. To be fair theres nothing of the original machine left near enough now.

    My problem is that when a print finishes the hotend pauses a second or two while still in contact with the part before the z axis lifting then the x and y axis homing.

    This results in a small dimple in the part. what command, and where can I use to get the head to lift 5mm or 10mm immediatly the print finishes without a pause? Is it somethign to go in the Duet files? or the slicer? Im using latest version of Cura.



  • Check the end gcode in your slicer. And maybe open an actual sliced gcode file to see what it's doing between the last print move and first line of your end gcode. The print SHOULD retract and then go into whatever movements you put in your end gcode.

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