Dead board??

  • Hi All,

    want to see if there is anything I may be missing before I return my Duet Wifi......

    was just starting a print when I lost web connection tried to reload nothing...

    had a look at the duet no light on the WiFi so reset the board - no change

    plugged it in to USB no device - oh oh!

    notice whenever its powered from USB(that works at least) the WiFi module gets HOT


    no response to anything.

    before I take it back to E3d on Monday is there anything else I can try or is it dead and if so bad luck or something I could have done wrong?

    have red and green lights for V+ and 3.3V
    and red light either side of USB nothing else plugged in but if I plug in the end stops the lights respond

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    If the WiFi module is hot (not just warm, which is normal when it is connected) then there are two likely scenarios:

    1. The WiFi module only has developed a problem.
    2. There has been a short between VIN and either +5V or +3.3V, and multiple components on the Duet (including the WiFi module) have failed. In particular, check whether the main processor (the large square chip) and U11 are getting hot.

  • @dc42 I would go with hot. If I touch with the back of my hand then painfully hot not just warm. U11 is cold and the processor just warm.

    Not sure if its related but I was getting frustrated with unreliable wifi at boot.

    On average about 1 in 10 reboots either with a config change or with emergency stop would result in the wifi not starting. This was always resolved with a reset or restarting wifi from terminal but still frustrating. In retrospect could this have been the module showing it was not happy?

    I didnt know if this was normal so wasnt really focused on it.

    Thanks for the quick responce

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    In that case, if your Duet is still under warranty, please request a repair or replacement.

  • Yes only 2 weeks. Already spoken to E3D but wanted to ask on here to be sure it wasnt me missing something stupid.

    Thanks again


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