Error "Failed to delete file" at startup

  • I'm having this error at startup:


    I do have a macro of this name at 0:/macros/Load_and_Unload/Load_PLA.g, but is neither at the root path as in the error and neither I want to delete it. The error does not appear every boot and when it does, it's always this same file.

    Any ideias?

    P.S.: It seems to happen mostly when I just uploaded a bunch of files by FTP and rebooted. (I use a configurator that compiles all the files on my linux machine and replace all of them on the duet by ftp when I change a file -- take a look at ).

    Thank you!

  • Moderator

    Are you sure the files being uploaded by ftp are being uploaded correctly? I've noticed files being empty when uploaded via FTP. Not sure if it's related...

    I have seen similar error messages when trying to delete a folder or file. But not at startup.

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