DuetWifi 5V current limit?

  • Hi, I'd like to run an arduino and some RGB LEDs off of the 5V/GND pins on the expansion module for DuetWifi, does anyone know the current limit? I'd like to run ~2A worth of LEDs if possible

  • I asked about powering a Pi from that in a thread on the RepRap forums, and got the following answer from dc42:

    The maximum you should draw from that is 1.5A, which is probably not enough to power a Pi + 7" screen.

    So I'd say that the answer to runnign 2A worth of LEDs on that is probably a no. It's certainly enough to trigger a small relay, but you're probably better off running a 5V step-down converter on your main PSU

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    The maximum external 5V load I would be comfortable with is 1.5A, including the PanelDue if you have one.

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