Can we have the LAN port back please!

  • OK, I'm now officially over the Wifi card on the Duet Wifi, and on the verge of trash canning the Duet Wifi in favour for one of my old Duet 0.6!

    My problems started when our router failed and I had to replace it with a different router, only problem is the new router has an incompatibility with the Duet Wifi and my aircon system…. both these devices have a similar setup paradigm which involve connecting to a dummy wifi server to configure etc.

    The problem is when these devices connect to the router they appear to reject the IP address assigned to them, you can see them attached to the router but on the connected devices table where you normally see the MAC and IP addresses you con only see the MAC, and there is -- for the IP

    Looking at the router logs I can see that the router is trying to assign IP addresses but the devices are just not responding and completing the pairing.

    but.... that's only the start of my troubles! after doing some checking I find that my firmware is now pretty old so need to change it so get out a third wifi router to try and see if that works (which it does), only trouble is I need to turn off the household router in order to get the Duet to reboot into default mode.... A router that is currently being used for streaming TV, connected Xbox games and someone watching porn on their tablet, so you can imaging how delighted everyone is with me turning off the router!

    Anyway turn it of I did (and subsequently made everybody in the hose very happy by turning it off a further dozen times! and eventually connect it to the third router to perform the upgrades!

    result, well after further router disruptions I tried to configure to the original router and found that the problem is as bad as every, never mind I think, I guess Ill just have to have a printer only router/network....maybe this isn't as bad an idea as it sounds!....except my laptop refuses to connect to the new router because there is no internet connection!!!FFS!

    Oh and did I mention that somewhere along the line Ive lost the ability to connect to the web interface....still working on that one, but its a new day, and I think Ive forgotten which router the printer is currently connected to and going to have to turn off all routers to try and reconfigure it!!!

    though all this (and its still unresolved) I just cant help thinking how much better this would be if it still had the LAN port!

  • administrators

    I am sorry you are having problems getting your Duet WiFi working with your WiFi network. There are two developments that may help you when they are released:

    • Work on the Duet Ethernet (like the Duet WiFi but with Ethernet instead of WiFi) is progressing well;
    • In a future firmware update I will add the facility to configure the SSID and password of the router you want to connect to in a file on the SD card.

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