Upgrading Duet 0.8.5 to the Duet Wifi/Maestro

  • Hi, I'm currently using Duet 0.8.5 with latest stable firmware on my cartesian printer (my customized ultimaker clone) so I thought about upgrading to the Duet Wifi/Maestro and I have a few questions:

    1. My printer is currently pretty noisy, would it help reduce noise?
    2. I haven't seen any reviews on the Duet Maestro, are there any impressions from someone using it?
    3. What should I take into account when upgrading? Can I use the same config file?


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    I did exactly this upgrade on my Ormerod. It did make the printer much quieter. The upgrade is very straightforward, only the power, bed heater, and Z probe connectors are different.

    The stepper drivers on the Maestro can't handle as much motor current as the ones on the Duet 085 could. What current do you run the motors at in your printer?

    You may need a couple of changes to the config.g file:

    • Turn on networking explicitly using M552 S1
    • If your M305 commands include R4700, change them to R2200

    If you are not running latest firmware on your Duet 085 then you may need to make additional changes, see the firmware upgrade notes.

  • @dc42 thanks! My motors are rated for 1.7A and I'm running them at 1A for XYZ and 1.3A for the extruder. I'm running firmware version 1.22, what about the transition to the 2.0 firmware?

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    @maut If you're already on 1.22 the jump to 2.x is not a huge change. Check the change log for the run down of what's new.

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    2.0 on the Maestro is equivalent to 1.22 on the 085.

    Yoir motor currens are ok for the Maestro but as the extruder is set to 1.3A I recommend fan cooling. A fan at the edge of the Duet blowing cool air along the line of drivers on both sides of the board is good.

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