Motor movement without homing first

  • Hey there! I am currently trying to take a gutted 4'x4'x8' CNC router and build a 3D pritner out of it using a DuetEthernet2/Paneldue/External stepper driver combo for the control system. I want to be able to test the motors and gantry system before it's fully setup to determine what needs to be replaced etc, is there any other way to send a command for motor movement that is not G92 temporary home code? Perhaps somewhere in the firmware that wouldnt be horrific to fix in the end? I apologize, my area is more mechanical than firmware. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Recent firmware versions do not allow axes to be moved before they have been homed. The only movements allows are homing moves (G1 moves with S1 or H1 parameter) and individual motor moves (G1 moves with S2 or H2 parameter). So any Z movements that your homing files make before Z is homed should use the S2 parameter. Alternatively, add M564 H0 to config.g to allow axis movement before homing.

  • Thank you! I will give the M564 a try and post the results. We are building an entire new gantry system for the z-axis so at the moment I don't have much room there and dont need it since we are just looking to start moving and printing in the parameters that we do have.

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