Filament change no reaction

  • I tried to get a filament change in mid-print going (as of example). With S3D i defined 2 different processes, the 1st starting @ height 0 and ending @ 8mm. The 2nd starting @ 8mm and then up. The first one got a (M600 first - doesn't work with Duet) M226 in the end-script tab.

    What i observed using that M226:
    While manually pausing and resuming a print with DWC my delta moves the nozzle out of the way as defined in pause.g and resumes perfectly as in resume.g

    Once hitting the M226, it only switches off the filament-fans (what accoustically gives me a signal at least), but moves on without any other fuss.

    I reckon, i'd have to investigate the resulting gcode-file lateron to see whether the slicer might have buggered it up, but generally i'd assume that others have properly working M226-commands with their duets?

  • Checked while printing:

    • M600 - unknown
    • M226 - should be known, no reaction
    • M25 - storing status for powerfail & moving to pause-position

  • administrators

    From your results it sounds like there may be a problem with M226. I'll add it to the test schedule for the next 2.02RC firmware release.

  • Dave, if that might be of interest: The M226 showed no reaction

    • as a "end"-script in S3D
    • fired as gcode from the DWC

    running 2nd-last stable release (from about 4 weeks ago)

  • administrators

    I think M226 will only work from within a GCode file. It was added several years ago because at that time M25 didn't work from within the file being printed.

  • the end-script of S3D did put the M226 into the GCode-file (checked it), but as said, it didn't do anything from withing the gcode.

    the M25 - triggered via the DWC - worked as expected (enough for me to solve my problem).

    if you need more informations, i'd be happy to help.

  • administrators

    I've just retested M226 from within a GCode file and it's working for me. However:

    • M226 will only work immediately if it appears within the SD card file being printed;
    • If M226 appears within a macro that is called (explicitly or implicitly) from the SD card file being printed then the pause will be deferred until the macro has completed.


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