Warning: M127,M134,M133 command is not supported

  • Hello,
    When I run my print, I have this error message? Do you know what I need to change?
    0_1537052502660_Capture d’écran 2018-09-16 à 00.57.50.png
    Thank you

  • What slicer did you use to generate the Gcode? The specified commands seem to be specific to Makerbot printers and not supported(or needed) by the Duet.
    if you are using Cura, go to Preferences, Printers, Machine Settings and make sure the G-code flavor selected is RepRap, not Makerbot. if you are using other slicer look for a similar option.

  • I'm using Simplify but I do not really care about these settings. Following some research, it seemed best. And for now it works except that I have this error message.
    If anyone can help me better configure Simplify3D for Delta printer, I'm interested.
    thank you

    0_1537213934192_Capture d’écran 2018-09-17 à 21.51.49.png

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