Hotend not heating from gcode

  • Hi, I am having a (new) strange issue whereby my hotend is not heating from a .gcode file. I am connecting to my Duet via wifi and I use the web interface to upload gcode to the printer. gcode is produced by CURA. When I launch a .gcode file, the bed heats up, but when it gets to the "M109 S205" line, I get an error code saying that there is a hotend fault. However, I can get the hotend to heat up by either typing 205 into the GUI or by entering "M109 S205" into the send gcode area. I have full control over other parts of the printer. I can't understand why or how I could be able to heat (or cool) the hotend by entering values, yet it doesn't work when running a .gcode file.


  • Try adding a tool select in the start script? I know Cura will not automatically select a tool if the machine is single extruder. Could mess with the temperature as it does not explicitly state a tool like M190 S255 T0 or whatever.

  • Thank you for the suggestion. I now have Cura set to TO. It has become an intermittent problem. It was skipping the heating for a while on every print. Now it is working sometimes. And yet I can get it to work by entering the command on the send g-code box or by typing in the number and pressing enter. Odd.

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    Can you post the first 50 lines or so of a gcode file?

  • Here is the "preamble"

    M106 S0
    M140 S60
    M104 S204 T0
    G28 ;move to endstops
    G21 ; set units to millimeters
    G90 ; use absolute coordinates
    M82 ; use absolute distances for extrusion
    G92 E0 ; reset extrusion distance
    G1 E-4.00000 F900.00000 ; retract
    G92 E0 ; reset extrusion distance
    M190 S60
    M109 S204 T0
    G92 E0 ;zero the extruded length
    G1 F200 E3 ;extrude 3mm of feed stock
    G92 E0 ;zero the extruded length again
    G1 F12000

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    What exactly does the heater fault say?

    Have you run a PID tune for the hotend?

    Can you post your config file?

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