Looking to build a frankenstein Duet from 2 shorted ones

  • So we have been building a big printer using Clearpaths for a while now and in the process we have had the misfortune of shorting of our 2 duet boards. The first one is likely complete toast, Looking at the pins that make contact on the semi flat metal surface it was set down on while powered by 24V it likely shorted 24v to 3.3v at the paneldue pins. I imagine this board gets a 10/10 on the "how did you destroy your Duet scale" so I'll call it the 10/10 board.

    This brings me to our second board. This one is still functioning, however the x driver not only let the smoke out it let about a 1 inch jet of fire out the top when I accidentally shorted 2 of the stepper driver pins... yeah I know. As far as I can tell the damage was limited to that channel everything else works well as I am just using E1 to control X instead and it is printing beautifully. This is however a dual extruder printer and I would like that channel back. Might it be worth my time to swap the driver from the 10/10 board to the bad X channel? I imagine there may be other components on the X channel that were damaged or possibly the 24v short damaged all of the 10/10 boards drivers too. I am capable of doing the soldering I just don't want to bother if this is a fool's errand.

  • I am not sure how much may be damaged on your first board, with regards to the stepper driver (from the datasheet, it seems that the logic side is 3.3V or 5V tolerant). If it is powered by the 3.3V, as I would expect it to be, it would have received 24V which would also blow it.

    While you can attempt to use them (de-soldering them one by one and trying them out), you might have better results simply getting a new driver chip (https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/trinamic-motion-control-gmbh/TMC2660-PA/1460-1059-ND/4500212) - they aren't very expensive, and it have a better chance to work.

  • That is an excellent idea, thank you I will go that route. Your explanation was exactly my fear with the board(totally destroyed). To the display cabinet of mistakes it goes.

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